Dark Chocolates for Strong Individuals

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It’s here! The first blog of De’Arco Chocolatier!

Since this is our first interaction, we spend a little time introducing ourselves and What De’Arco Chocolatier is all about.

De’Arco chocolates are lifestyle chocolates. At De’Arco we specialize in dark chocolates. We offer chocolates in various range of darkness i.e. 30%, 50%, 60% and 70%. The chocolates are made of cocoa butter and cocoa beans procured from best places in Africa and South America. Most of these chocolates are centre filled and some with various exotic flavor such as cashew cream, cinnamon, strawberry, peanut butter, cranberry and many more.

Brand De’Arco is known for darker and stronger chocolates as the tagline goes – “Dark Chocolates for Strong Individuals”. We believe nothing comes easy in life. Life is not sweeter as in fairy tales, life is bitter, life is tough, life is raw. For those who are achievers in life and like to take on the challenges to push limits nothing satisfies them other than raw and real stuff. If you are a go-getter, challenge seeker and fighter, chaser of your dreams, De’Arco chocolatier is what you should go after for the REAL TASTE of CHOCOLATES. Fans of De’Arco chocolates do not enjoy the sweetness but the bitterness of chocolates. Like other things in life – they Love their chocolates to be REAL and RAW.

Going forward we will try to bring you closer to your chocolates by telling you some stories about it origin, we will open a world of chocolates to you and we will make you aware about benefits of dark chocolates.

Wish our team create good impression among with you all.

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